You run your business with impeccable ideals, and you have much to offer. You want to make a difference in the world with what you do. You just aren't reaching enough people who could benefit from your services, and selling yourself seems a bit distasteful, or even scary. Sound familiar? You are not alone!

But, what can you do? How can you keep generating enough new business to grow? What if word-of-mouth just isn't working fast enough or widely enough to reach the people you could truly serve?

There is a solution, and it can be done with integrity, awareness, sensitivity, and genuine caring for others, while telling the full truth about who you are and what you do. It's called marketing.

"Wait a minute - I know about marketing. I do it now!"

Yes, but does your marketing work as hard as you do? Shouldn't it work harder - so you don't have to? What if I could help you use the web more effectively as the center of all of your marketing, so it handled much of the process of building relationships with your clients or customers - even to the point of selling them on the idea of using your services or buying your products? What if all you had to do was to take orders or make appointments? It really can be almost that simple.

"OK, so maybe you know something about marketing, but you'll charge me an arm and a leg, and I'll have to jump through all kinds of ugly hoops doing stuff I don't want to do, and I'll probably just waste my time and energy and money!"

Well, you will be an integral part of the process. I'm not the expert about what you do - you are! What I can do is help you get absolutely clear about what gifts you bring to what you do (perhaps even some that you are not aware of), and how to effectively communicate those gifts to the very people who could best benefit from them. It's a gentle and supportive process, which my clients tell me they love to do with me.

"OK, maybe you could help me, but I don't have much money to spend, and I probably can't afford you."

I certainly don't give away my services, and you might not value them if I did. I do offer a first session for free, so we can both find out if we would work well together. Assuming we have a good fit, we can create a way to work together within your budget.

"Well then, what do I have to do?"

Simple. Just email me (David Spinney) or call 541-633-0745. I'll be happy to answer your questions and to set up a first appointment with you. Let me help you grow your business.

Remember, nothing happens in life until we take a first step.

It's up to you, now.