Why "Web Centric"?

The web is the heart of most modern companies' marketing efforts - even for small, one-person operations. It's a place many people look for information and help these days. It's also flexible - you can't change your phone number on a brochure once someone has taken it home with them, but changes can be done at anytime on a website.

However, try this: search on Google (or any online search engine) for any word or phrase that generally describes what you do, such as "coaching" or "massage" or whatever. How many hits do you get? For example, today I got over 2.8 trillion hits for "coaching". Narrowing it to "life coaching", there were still over 520 million responses. If you are a life coach, what are your chances of your site appearing in the top ten search results? Yes, you can hire consultants that will push your site much higher in the rankings, but they are expensive, and if you actually manage to displace someone from the top ten, their consultant will redouble his/her efforts to get them back up there. It's a never-ending game.

So what can you do?

You can use a well-designed website as the center of a solid marketing plan - and put however much you choose into your marketing effort. Once you have a well-planned and designed site, your marketing goal then becomes "How do I attract people to my website?" Your website becomes the place where you involve visitors in a conversation and build a relationship with them. After engaging with an effectively designed site, qualified prospects will contact you, ready to talk business. All you had to do was invite them to your website!

I can help you to create effective marketing messages, to design a website that will clearly express those messages and to choose the best ways to inspire the people you can best serve to explore your website.

To help you maintain and update your own website without needing me in the loop every time you want a small change, I can create a WordPress site for you, so you can take charge. If you can work with Word, you can use WordPress!

Once you have primed the pump, you can then focus primarily on running your business, putting your attention on marketing only when you want to generate more business.

If you want to begin, or even just want to know more, email or call me at 541-633-0745 - today.