What is Marketing?

"Isn't marketing about high-pressure sales and hype and being in people's faces and twisting people's arms to get them to buy something they neither want nor need?"


Well, not if it is practiced while keeping a few simple and honoring principles in mind. It is really about building relationships and trust. It's about communication and honesty. It's simply an effective way for those people you can help to learn that you are available and just how you can help them. It assists them to locate you and to decide to engage your services. It shows them who you are and what you do in way that allows the people you want to reach to feel drawn to make contact with you.

People want solutions. They want to connect with the person or people who can support them effectively. Isn't that true for you?

"But I've studied and practiced and honed my skills at what I do until I'm really good at it. Am I supposed to spend years learning about marketing, too?"

Certainly, you could. You would also need to spend a lot of time and energy sifting through quite a lot of well-meaning but misguided information. Or, you can just hire me to help you.

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